Friday, July 17, 2009

Steve is doing fairly well

Steve tolerated the chemo well - we have learned that zofran keeps him from being nauseated. We do need to be careful to keep him protected from any illnesses. His immune system is down. He has developed shingles - very painful.

Steve needs help walking. He is weak and his balance is off. He cannot be home alone. Steve's main amusements are cooking shows. Thank you Rachel Ray, the barefoot contessa, the Neelys, the guy with the blond spiky hair, the guy who eats weird stuff. We continue to hope that this new treatment will increase the quality of his life. Some patients begin to feel improvement after the second treatment. We hope Steve is in that group.

If he gets healthy enough, we hope to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester to a neurologist who deals with undiagnosed brain lesions. Everything is a guessing game right now. I feel like we are playing Deal or No Deal (a tv show I had not seen before the last few months - why is it amusing?) with Steve's life. We are praying for continued guidance in his treatment. We also give thanks that he is healthier than his MRI indicates he should be.

My brother Ken is going home tomorrow. Steve and I have been pampered for two weeks. Ken has cooked wonderful food for us. He has been a huge help in offering time-off for our children, friends, and our Ward family that have been going the extra mile for months. And I have definitely been spoiled in the evenings with extra help.


Enjoy time with those you love.
You never know when things will change.
As Gordon (Doogie's Dad) has said for years,
"These are the good old days."