Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Interesting Week

Steve is home. I will admit to being worried about bringing him home. He has never come home when he wasn't walking independently. He is gaining strength, but remains weak on his left side and has balance problems. The Rehab therapists trained me to help him. We are doing better than I expected.

We have entered a world filled with safety equipment. Steve uses a walker with someone following to help his balance. We have a wheelchair if we have long distances. Did you know that you have to take off the back, remove the seat and both legs rests before folding a wheelchair to get it into a trunk? We have a wheel chair ramp (built by our good neighbor, Henry Yost - he even went the second mile and painted it to match out home.) We have a variety of support rails and have rolled up the carpet in the family room to prevent falls.

On Friday (congratulations to Jeff & Roxy - sorry we missed your wedding), Steve was scheduled to be released from Rehab and then have "OUT-patient" Chemo. Steve was transported to the Chemo Tower in the hospital to receive Chemo. The nurse started to "check us in" for "IN-patient" Chemo. "In-Patient" procedures have to be preapproved by insurance or the entire cost is due by the patient (that would be us paying lots of $$$$$). So after many calls, Steve did not receive Chemo Friday. But he did come home.

We learned this week:
Steve will receive six Chemo treatments each three weeks apart.
The next MRI will be four weeks after the next Chemo.
Steve will be receiving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy at home for four weeks.