Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally, Steve is improving again.

Steve is finally out of ICU.

The Tumor Board met and at the advice of the neurosurgeon, Steve will not get another biopsy. The neurosurgeon told us that the lesion is in a difficult place to reach and the lesion is not a good candidate for biopsy. He feels he got good samples especially on the second biopsy.

Steve is relieved to not have to face surgery now that he is getting stronger.

Steve has had a thrush, a urinary tract infection, aspiration pneumonia, and shooting pains caused by the shingles. Thankfully, the shooting pains have subsided. When he is free of any active infections he will get more chemo.

We appreciate all the prayers on our behalf. I sincerely believe prayer has made a difference emotionally and physically for both of us this past year.